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Online backup to Amazon cloud storage
Online backup
to Amazon
cloud storage
Full CD-RW and DVD support with disk spanning
Full CD, DVD
and Blu Ray media support
Backup and synchronize with LAN and FTP
Backup and synchronize via LAN and FTP
Integrated ZIP compression
Integrated ZIP compression
on the fly
128-bit compression with Blowfish
Blowfish encryption
Backup of open files
of open
Flexible and powerful scheduler
Flexible and powerful scheduler
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Backup and synchronize via LAN and FTP

In addition to hard drives and other devices you can store your data on a different computer in your local area network or even on a remote FTP site. In many cases the latter is the best choice. When you backup to a remote location, it is very improbable that both copies of your data will suffer at the same time from the same problem. In addition you make your data easily accessible from anywhere via the Internet. This is a big advantage provided that you apply corresponding security measures to avoid unauthorized access.

Backup Platinum can work with secure FTP servers using SSL. It also supports MD4/MD5 FTP password authentication. If your server does not support SSL, still your data can be secured, if you use Blowfish encryption. ZIP compression option will reduce upload time and server space required to store backups.

You can specify two destinations for backup. For example, you can store one copy of your data on LAN and another one on a remote FTP server. You can either backup to both locations to have two copies of your backup data, or use second location only in case of problems with the first one. For example, if there is not enough disk space to store backup in the primary folder or if the whole drive is not available at the moment, Backup Platinum will automatically switch your backup to the specified alternative destination.

One of the unique features of Backup Platinum is that it can be used to synchronize files between any two folders. One of these folders can be located on a remote FTP server. Basically the synchronization is done same way as backup. You can use schedules, masks to include or exclude files, etc. In addition you specify the direction of synchronization. You can copy files from one folder to another or mirror them by copying in both directions.

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