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Online backup to Amazon cloud storage
Online backup
to Amazon
cloud storage
Full CD-RW and DVD support with disk spanning
Full CD, DVD
and Blu Ray media support
Backup and synchronize with LAN and FTP
Backup and synchronize via LAN and FTP
Integrated ZIP compression
Integrated ZIP compression
on the fly
128-bit compression with Blowfish
Blowfish encryption
Backup of open files
of open
Flexible and powerful scheduler
Flexible and powerful scheduler
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What Is Backup Platinum?
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About Backup Platinum

Backup Platinum is a powerful tool that provides professional quality backup of your data to a local drive, LAN, CD/DVD/BD writing device or a remote FTP server. The program can also synchronize files between two computers on a network or with a remote FTP site. You can use powerful and flexible scheduler to automate all backup operations. Should you lose any data, restoring is as easy as clicking a button.

Backup Platinum works with files organized in items. So, to backup your data you should create one or several items. This can be easily done using "New Item Wizard". There are two types of items: backup and synchronization. For a backup item you specify what files and folders to backup, where to put the backup copy, how to store it (you can use compression and encryption), when to schedule it, and a number of additional options. For a synchronization item you specify two locations (on local system, LAN or FTP) that should be synchronized, and a number of options including scheduling.

Backup Platinum operates under Windows 2000/XP/2003 and Windows Vista operating systems. The program can run either as a usual application or as a service process. In service mode all scheduled backup jobs are executed without any human interaction even if nobody is logged in at the moment.

Main Features of Backup Platinum

Backup to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs with spanning
Backup Platinum fully supports writing to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs. You can use any CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, BD-R or BD-RE compatible media and corresponding devices to store your data. Large backups will be automatically split into several parts and stored on several discs.

Backup and synchronize with LAN and FTP
In addition to local hard drives and other devices you can store your data on a different computer in your local area network or even on a remote FTP site. Secure FTP connection (with SSL) is supported. You can also synchronize local data with a folder on a remote FTP site and transfer files in both directions.

Backup of open files using VSS
Files that are used by other applications at the moment of backup still can be processed. If the application is VSS-ready, this feature also guarantees that all that data will be consistent. For example, you can backup MS Outlook data without closing Outlook.

Integrated ZIP compression
You can compress your files when storing them. This reduces network traffic and saves disk space. Depending on your needs you can either compress each file separately or store many files in a single ZIP archive. You can also create password-protected and self-extracting ZIP files.

128-bit Blowfish encryption
You can protect your backup data with a strong 128-bit Blowfish encryption. It can be used together with ZIP compression or independently from it. In all cases nobody will access your stored data without your secret password.

Flexible and powerful scheduler
You can schedule your backup operations so that they will be performed at the most convenient time and repeated regularly, if needed. You can specify different time for different sets of files and folders. In addition you can set backup to run automatically on logoff or even every time when one of selected files is updated.

Can run in service mode on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Backup Platinum can run as a usual application or as a service. In the service mode the backup is independent from the currently logged in user. The benefit is that your items are processed even if somebody else is using the system at the moment or if nobody is logged in at all.

Other Features

Automatic search and backup of Windows Settings (Appearance, Mouse, Cursors, Console, Fonts, Desktop), Modem settings and Windows Address Book;
Automatic search and backup of data for the following applications: Internet Explorer (favorites, history and cookies), MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MSN messenger, Firefox, Thunderbird, ICQ;
Backup of registry keys with the ability to select any subtrees;
Backup to self-restorable executable files;
Ability to divide backup archive into several volumes with a specified size;
Ability to store multiple versions of backup files with timestamps;
Option to start backup immediately on any modification of selected files;
Option to specify more than one destination for backup;
Option to restore to a folder different from the original one;
Backup of access permissions and alternate streams for files and folders on NTFS drives;
Validity check for saved backup data;
Safe write option to remove the previous backup only after saving a new one;
CRC verification when writing on a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray;
Quick erase option for CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs;
Speed selection for CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs burning;
Volume labels for CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs;
Flexible file selection and file masks handling;
Option to run backup on logon/logoff;
Option to shutdown, logoff or hibernate after backup completion;
Options to set any other program to run before or after processing an item;
E-mail notification about operation results;
MD4/MD5 password authentication for FTP servers;
64 bit ZIP format support;
Import/export of all settings and registration status;
Activity log in RTF format with the option to automatically ZIP old log files;
Option to write error messages to the system log;
Ability to access some Backup Platinum features from Windows Explorer;
Ability to execute items from the right-click menu on the system tray icon;
Command line interface for professional users.

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License Agreement

Backup Platinum is copyrighted and licensed software, so please read carefully Backup Platinum License Agreement.


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