Backup to CD, DVD, Blu Ray, FTP, LAN or Amazon cloud
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Online backup to Amazon cloud storage
Online backup
to Amazon
cloud storage
Full CD-RW and DVD support with disk spanning
Full CD, DVD
and Blu Ray media support
Backup and synchronize with LAN and FTP
Backup and synchronize via LAN and FTP
Integrated ZIP compression
Integrated ZIP compression
on the fly
128-bit compression with Blowfish
Blowfish encryption
Backup of open files
of open
Flexible and powerful scheduler
Flexible and powerful scheduler
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Program Menus
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Program Menus allow managing your items, files and log messages with a number of options.

File Menu

New Item..: Initiates the New Item Wizard for creation of a new Backup or Synchronization item.
Open Item From Backup..: Initiates the Open Item Wizard for restoration of backup item from its index file.
Edit Item Properties..: Opens the "Item Properties" dialog where you can view and modify the properties of selected item.
Duplicate Item: Enables to make an identical copy or several copies of your item. Such copies will appear in Items View. Their names will look like "Copy #.. of..", for example, "Copy #1 of My documents", "Copy #2 of My documents" etc.
Remove Item: Removes selected item (items).
Import Configuration..: Allows to import and restore Backup Platinum configuration from a configuration file.
Export Configuration..: Allows to save Backup Platinum current configuration and export it to a special file (with the extension ".bpc"). At this, the program allows to select configuration elements for export and specify a location for exported configuration file.
Exit: Enables exiting the program. When you exit, the program will still perform operations if your computer is on.

View Menu

Toolbar: Shows/hides program toolbar.

Log Window: Shows a number of options for log window and log entries.
  • Show Log Window: Shows/hides log window.
  • Save Log..: Saves log entry to selected destination.
  • Clear Log: Removes all log entries from the log window.
Refresh: Enables to refresh the current state of selected item and its files/folders. Changes made to your items or files/folders will be displayed in the corresponding program views.

Actions Menu

Backup: Enables to backup selected Backup item.
Synchronize: Enables to synchronize selected Synchronization item.
Stop: Stops specified operation with selected item(s). The option is active only when the program is performing some operation (backup, restoration or synchronization).
Restore: Enables to restore selected Backup item.

Tools Menu

Change Password..: Allows to set/change a password for Backup Platinum authorization on the agent. Each user in application mode has his own password for Backup Platinum authorization. For service mode there is a single password for Backup Platinum authorization.
Settings..: Allows viewing or modifying program settings.

Help Menu

Tip of the Day..: Opens the "Tip of the Day" window.
Contents: Shows Backup Platinum Help topics.
Backup Platinum on the Web..: Takes you to Backup Platinum site on the Web.
Show SoftLogica News: Takes you to SoftLogica News page on the Web.
Request for support..: You can send your comments and suggestions or report your problems to Backup Platinum technical support team.
How to purchase..: Takes you to Backup Platinum page containing information about purchasing and registration procedure.
Enter your Serial Number..: Use to register your copy of Backup Platinum upon purchasing. For details, see Purchasing and Registration section.
About Backup Platinum..: Provides information about the current version of Backup Platinum.


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