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Online backup to Amazon cloud storage
Online backup
to Amazon
cloud storage
Full CD-RW and DVD support with disk spanning
Full CD, DVD
and Blu Ray media support
Backup and synchronize with LAN and FTP
Backup and synchronize via LAN and FTP
Integrated ZIP compression
Integrated ZIP compression
on the fly
128-bit compression with Blowfish
Blowfish encryption
Backup of open files
of open
Flexible and powerful scheduler
Flexible and powerful scheduler
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When Backup Platinum is running in application mode, Backup Platinum icon (the agent) is displayed in system tray. Backup Platinum agent requires few system resources, yet:
  • indicates that Backup Platinum is running;
  • enables program scheduler to work;
  • enables opening program window by double-clicking the agent;
  • allows using agent menu options.
Agent Menu

Right-click the agent to get agent menu.
  • Open Backup Platinum: Enables to open program window when it is minimized.

  • Start Items: Runs selected item via Backup Platinum agent menu. You can run any item from the list of existing items.

  • Execute All Items: Upon clicking this option, the program executes all items simultaneously. Note that this option cannot be used when backing up on a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc, as in this case only the item that has managed to lock the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray first will be backed up.

  • Exit: Enables to exit the program (the program will be terminated and the agent will disappear from the system tray).
Working Statuses

When Backup Platinum window is closed, the agent indicates the following working statuses of the program:

the program is executing one or several items;
one or several operations have been finished with an error.

Note: When Backup Platinum agent is running in service mode, Backup Platinum icon disappears from the system tray.


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